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Project Description

This is POC project that implements a simple WinForms Pocket Calculator that uses a Microsoft .NET 4.0.1 State Machine Workflow in the back-end.

Please note that at present the state machine is incomplete and not all functions may be avaialable.

The implementation uses the following layers:

  • User Interface (Pocket Calculator) - This is a WinForms application that communicates with the Calculator Service to send key presses for processing and display the resulting output to the user.
  • Calculator Service (Foulds.Calculator.Service) - This is where the Calculator State Machine is instantiated and they key queue is maintained here and dispatched to the state machine for processing.
  • Calculator State Machine (Foulds.Calculator.StateMachine) - This is the "processing unit" of the calculator. It allows for the "business logic" of the calculator to be implemented with visual "drag-and-drop" interface and allows for easy future extensibility.

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